Super Ginge to the rescue

There can't be too many people out there who haven't spent some point in their life daydreaming about their super hero alter ego, including one of the biggest musicians of the moment - Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran showed the world his alter ego, Super Ginge, recently and sold the results on Trade Me to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation. 

According to Mr Sheeran Super Ginge is all about breaking the stereotypes. Maybe there aren't many ginger superheroes...

Needless to say Ed's cartoon was pretty popular racking up over 24,000 views and getting more than 580 watchers.

The best bit though was that it sold for $10,000 - a great result for the charity and an amazing piece of memorabilia for an Ed fan.  Not only did they get the drawing but a model of super ginge, Ed's latest album on vinyl and lots of great karma.

An amazing result.