'Thank you' buttons go big

Considerate Kiwi motorists may have noticed more than a wave of gratitude for letting someone in at an intersection recently.

For a while there, BP were offering ‘thank you’ buttons to customers, after research showed 85% of New Zealand drivers had a mood improvement after being thanked by another on the road.

The button attaches to the dashboard and lights up a green thumbs up symbol, which is fixed to the rear of the car. 20,000 buttons were gifted within a month, but when they’re all gone where is there to turn but Trade Me? 

Buttons are being auctioned off for around $50 – $69, some heading almost into the $90 range.  We've seen 50,500 searches in the last seven days, which is up 1,253% on the week prior.

Call us sentimental, but we’re digging how keen Kiwis are to say ‘thanks’. Check them out!