The alternative Christmas list

Sometimes buying for certain people is nigh on impossible. They don't seem to want anything, they have everything or they have no discernible hobbies. 

We all know at least one person like this, which is why we created our first ever 'Alternative Christmas list' to give Trade Members a few ideas and avoid 'present panic'. 

So check it out and if you need a stocking stuffer or something big - get in quickly!

  • Fishing drones – Drones’ popularity have dropped from the highs they enjoyed in 2015 but the latest evolution is growing in popularity
  • Go Pro lifejacket – if you’re taking selfies in the water this summer this will help you keep hold of your Go Pro in the waves
  • Bonsai – calming, soothing, and good for any space
  • Beard oil – chocolate or cinnamon. Keep the face furniture smelling good
  • Silicone record coasters – a bit of nostalgia, upcycling and a great stocking stuffer
  • Scratch maps – for the world traveller in your life (or the aspiring one) – scratch each place in the world you’ve been
  • Emoji coin purse – this could be gag gift – but there’s someone in every family who deserves/needs this
  • Novelty tea infusers– a little bit of fun for the tea fiend in the family
  • Laser cut wooden brooches – The 21st century meets a fashion favourite
  • 3D Printer Pen – bring drawings to life with a 3D printer pen