NZ Rubbish Bin Poll

There are a number of ways to run a political poll to test the temperature of the electorate, but running a rubbish bin poll was new to us.

The 'NZ Rubbish bin poll' will be run based on the 'votes' of Trade Me buyers who are bidding on 56 rubbish bins with our MPs faces painted on them.

The sellers have deemed that the number of bids the bin receives is a proxy for that political figure's popularity. 

The bins were the brainchild of NZ artist Rybec and were all handpainted by 'reclusive' artist Rua Kuna.

While our leaders are used to having their images plastered everywhere, we're pretty sure none of them have appeared on bins before.

The winning bidders can keep the bin for themselves or opt to have them wrapped and sent to the MP on the bin as an early Christmas present. 

So far the poll leaders are John Key and Winston Peters, if you don't agree, get your votes in now!