Who will win The Block NZ 2019?

Blockaholics listen up!

The Block NZ apartments have been listed onsite for two weeks now and one team has emerged as a clear front runner. 

While Stacy and Adam have won four room reveals in a row and are the strong favourite to win, Sophia and Mikaere's penthouse apartment has received the most hits onsite with just over 26,000 views. 

Sophie & M - The Block

Coming in a close second is Lisa and Ribz's apartment with 25,700 views. 

Lisa & Ribz - The Block

Then there's a two-horse race for third place with Stacy and Adam's property seeing 21,792 hits. Neck and neck with Ethan and Sam's listing which has had 21,787 views as at 28 August.

Ethan & Sam 's 

But will this result in a win for the highest viewing team? History says probably not. 

Surprisingly the view ranking of The Block NZ houses doesn't translate to a win on the show itself. In fact, typically the listing with the most views almost never wins. It's the third most-viewed property onsite is usually the winner on auction day. 

If history repeats itself, we would expect Stacy and Adam's or Ethan and Sam's apartment to take out the top spot on auction night.  

We wish all four teams the best next Sunday! 


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