The cat rug

A very unusual piece of taxidermy captured attention and headlines around the country this week.

A taxidermist from Tauranga listed a cat rug for auction.

"For those of you that can't afford a lion, tiger, zebra or bear skin rug here is the cat skin rug," the listing reads. The seller also listed a jar of rabbit fetuses for auction.

Love it or hate it, the media were all over it and the bizarre listings featured on the Daily Mail in Australia, Newshub, Stuff and More FM.

This isn't the first time we've seen some interesting taxidermy on Trade Me. Back in September 2016 a taxidermy cat handbag from Christchurch received plenty of attention around the world.

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We allow the sale of taxidermy on Trade Me, it’s legal, and it even has its own sub-category over in Antiques and collectables.

Our Trust & Safety team have set out a bit more of an explanation about our approach and thinking in this blog post, inspired by some kerfuffle about a similar listing a few years back. This includes the guidance we received from the SPCA too.

In the end the cat rug fetched 21,864 views before it sold for $520 and the jar of rabbits had 4,700 views, selling for $100.


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