The hats with a survival story

Trade Me member, Bruce Fraser, has spent a lot of time walking the coastlines of Fiordland picking up all sorts of rubbish that washes up.

One item that he sees a lot in his travels is a staple of the Kiwi wardrobe, the humble hat, the often unpredictable New Zealand winds tend to swipe them off our heads and out into the merciless sea.


Despite their time at sea, most of these hats are still completely wearable and need a new head to keep warm (or protect from the sun) so Bruce is selling them to raise money for Fiordland Coastal Cleanup.

These hats have a very cool survival story having braved the Southern Ocean and battled the elements before washing up on our local shores.

All proceeds from purchasing one of these hats will support the Fiordland Coastal Cleanup which is a group of 30-40 Kiwi volunteers on a mission to clear plastic and other rubbish from the Fiordland National Park. “Every second year, these volunteers collect between 11 and 20 tonnes of man-made waste, lost fishing gear and global ocean litter!”

Survival hats - rubbish

Each hat even comes with a certificate of appreciation so get behind this awesome cause and have a look at the auction here.