The house no one can enter

Anyone who has sold their house before will tell you that it can be a stressful task. You have to get the gardens and house in order, keep everything tidy and deal with a barrage of people who want to see the house. 

Last week, a house went up for sale in Wellington but there was a catch - no one was allowed inside.

The three-bedroom bungalow in Island Bay caught the eye of many Kiwis due to its unusual sale conditions. With over 13,500 views the property had plenty of attention even though 'absolutely no person is to enter the property.'

With only photos of the front of the house, the property was to be sold from the roadside and was a mortgage sale according to the listing.

House 1

It seems plenty of Kiwis were still willing to take a punt on the Wellington home without seeing what was inside. The agent said their has been 'strong interest' in the property despite the sale conditions. 

We wish the new owners all the best. 


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