The inspirational 16-year-old whose charity gives shoes to Kiwis in need

At sixteen years old, most teens are focused on school, sports or their social life, but instead one teen from the Manawatu is helping her community one step at a time. 

Maddison McQueen-Davies founded the organisation Share a Pair in 2017 which gives second-hand shoes to children in need. 

The idea came from Maddie's mum, Tania, who would come home from teaching with stories of kids showing up at school with broken shoes or sometimes no shoes at all. 

Together, Maddie and her mum decided to start looking on Trade Me to find cheap shoes they could give to the students who need them most. The idea snow balled from there.

Maddie soon realised that the year 13 students would soon be finishing school and would have no use for their old school shoes - some of which were still in really good condition. Maddie put up notices around her school and spread the word.

Next thing, Share a Pair was born. 


It didn't take long for the idea to gather support and now other communities in Wellington, Northland and Nelson are starting up a similar iniaitive in their own region. 

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Well done Maddie!


Now to love - The inspirational 16-year-old whose charity work puts shoes on the feet of school children in need