The most popular auctions of 2016

We're constantly amazed at the endless creativity and entrepreneurship of our members - they do some amazing things and suprise us constantly.

This year was no different and we had a lot of fun looking back at our most popular Marketplace auctions of 2016.

Number one this year was a 9x9cm bum tattoo listed by a member with a big debt. The auction racked up a massive 153,000+ views and 1700 watch listers with coverage in The Sun, Mirror and Daily Mail. 

The seller, Bailey, wanted to pay off some debts and, inspired by one of the most popular auctions on Trade Me of all time, decided to list the tattoo. It's worked well - apparently she's off to Miami in January to get the rainbow tattoo.

Other big auctions of the year included a highly controversial cat handbag, a phallic aubergine and Jamie Pink's (from Tribal Huk) sledgehammer. 

Some auctions just have a certain something; they capture the imaginations of our members (and often people around the world) because they’re weird, controversial, sometimes a little often borderline in taste terms, and because the seller does a great job with their description and brings a healthy dose of humour to the Q&A.

These sellers don’t take themselves too seriously and they’re good at getting a bit of publicity. It certainly doesn’t hurt if they get some media attention too of course

In a nod to some of the more niche auctions we see each year we've also compiled our 'honourable mentions'. These are the auctions that didn’t quite have the broad appeal of the top ten but struck a chord with us and our members all the same.

They include a signed picture of the world’s most talked about man, Donald Trump, a very unusual nude carpet portrait of former Prime Minister John Key, a fertility-enhancing desk chair and former Prime Minister Robert Muldoon’s rail pass.

The top 10 most viewed items on Trade Me this year:

Title Region
Your tattoo on my butt Wellington
Ultimate sleep out/studio Auckland
A 'rare' potato Canterbury
King Tawhiao's taiaha Auckland
Cinderella Pumpkin Auckland
Real glamour puss purse Canterbury
Ghetto blaster boombox collection Otago
Erotic eggplant Waikato
Sledge hammer Waikato
Buy a date with us Wellington

Trade Me's 2016 'Honourable mentions'

Title Region
National carpet Whanganui
Desk chair of fertility Canterbury
Church for $1 Bay of Plenty
Ricky Baker's skuxx as hoodie Wellington
Rob Muldoon's Rail Pass Wellington
Donald Trump Northland
A tiger ate my GoPro Auckland
$48,000 debt for sale Waikato