The pear-fect listing

The pearfect auction for a voluptuous big booty pear is up for auction.

The funky-shaped fruit was apparently discovered lurking in an office fruit bowl and was almost eaten before the seller realised its value. 

Big Booty Pear

The Wellington-based seller is raising money for Endometriosis NZ and suggests maybe pear pressuring your friends to buy it. 

"I would love it to go to a safe pear of hands. It has been pear reviewed by my colleagues who agree that it is 100 pearcent pear-bottomed."

The listing had clocked up 43,5140 views and 525 watchlists before it sold for $100. Kiwis from around the country had a good laugh with the seller in the Q&A section.

Pear Auction Q&A

It seems the pear-fect booty does exist.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a uniquely shaped fruit or vegetable onsite. Over the years we've seen all sorts of weird and wonderful mutant fruit and veg.

Trade Me members seem more than happy to pay over the odds for a funky vege or piece of fruit that is helping a charitable cause.

Earlier this year a phallic kumara went up for auction. The seller said he knew the soil was fertile but this vegetable had redefined the term. The sweet potato had a staggering 88,000 views and raised $245 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Phallic Kumara

Back in 2013, a capsicum that looked like a dragon appeared onsite and sold for $100. The mutant capsicum from Matamata scored 21,000 views and all of the proceeds went to a cyclone-affected family in the Philippines. 

Dragon -capsicumrsz

Who could forget the busty orange from 2010. This voluptuous citrus earned some serious attention. It even featured on TVNZ's Breakfast show and was compared to Beyonce. The orange hailed from Tauranga and tallied 22,000 views before it eventually sold for $112. 

Busty Orange