The Sausie Saucer

'Tis the season to fire up the BBQ, get out the t-sauce and sizzle some sausages while playing some good old BYC.

Of course, there's nothing worse than when an under sauced sausie. It's what keeps every backyard BBQer and sausage sizzle stall holder awake at night. 

Luckily Kiwibank's Kathy Turner is here to save the day with... The Sausie Saucer. 

Sauce 1

The listing reckons it can hit a snarler at 50 paces and with a 20 litre capacity there won't be a Kiwi in the land going without their favourite condiment this summer. 

Sauc 3

Better yet, all the proceeds will go towards supporting Kaibosh and KiwiHarvest food rescue charities. 

The Sausie Saucer listing had 27,000 views, 133 watchlists and sold for $106