New Zealand's most popular vehicle is...

We recently had a look at what Kiwis have been searching for onsite to work out the top ten most popular vehicles in New Zealand. 

It was the familiar and the reliable vehicles that came out on top with the trusty Toyota Hilux taking the number one spot, followed by the Toyota Land Crusier and the Mitsubishi Lancer pulling up behind.

For more on the top ten and the most popular rides by region, check out our media release below. 

New Zealand’s most searched for vehicle is the trusty Hilux

The reliable Toyota Hilux and Toyota Land Cruiser are the most popular vehicles in New Zealand according to the latest data from Trade Me. 

Trade Me’s Head of Motors Alan Clark said they looked closely at what Kiwis had been searching for in September to determine the country’s top ten rides. 

“From utes to hatchbacks and everything in between, it was the familiar and reliable vehicles that dominated the list. 

“The Toyota Hilux has been a Kiwi favourite for many years so it wasn’t surprising that this trusty double cab ute took the top spot for the most popular vehicle with over 228,000 searches last month. A Hilux is reliable, spacious, has a good towing capacity and can handle a range of New Zealand conditions so it ticks a lot of boxes for Kiwis.”  

Mr Clark said the Toyota Land Cruiser came in second place with 158,000 searches. “Toyotas have been a family favourite for New Zealanders for decades so it’s not surprising that the Japanese-based brand took out the top two spots.

“Pulling up in third place was the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution which had 113,000 hits in September, followed closely by the Ford Ranger with 98,000 searches and the Toyota Corolla taking out fifth place with 96,000 searches.”

Kiwis love to dream

“While most of the top ten favourites were practical and reliable, there were two vehicles that snuck into the list which proved there are some dreamers among us.

“We know there are thousands of Kiwis who come to Trade Me every week just to do a little daydreaming, to remind themselves of that vehicle they’re getting when they retire or when they win Lotto.

“Coming in at number eight was the Harley Davidson which received 78,000 hits followed by the sexiest car on the list, the Ford Mustang which was the ninth most searched for vehicle on Trade Me in September after 73,000 searches.” 

Most popular vehicles by region

Mr Clark said when it came to Auckland it was the smaller, more compact vehicles that were in hot demand. 

“Possibly driven by petrol prices and commutes, the most popular vehicle for Aucklanders was the good old Toyota Corolla followed by the Volkswagen Golf. 

“We thought the ‘Remuera tractor’ (SUVs) might make an appearance given how many of them are on the streets of Auckland but it looks like economics has won out for Aucklanders.”

Mr Clark said Toyota Corollas are also the number one favourite in Wellington. “The Toyota Corolla has reinvented itself time and time again. They’re an affordable secondhand option for Kiwis and a good size for maneuvering around the main centres.

“Performance and size are more important out in the regions where the Toyota Hilux took out the top spot across Otago, Waikato, Taranaki, Southland, Bay of Plenty, Manawatu/Whanganui and West Coast. As well as Marlborough, Nelson/Tasman, Northland, Gisborne and Canterbury.” 

Hawke’s Bay drivers were the only region to buck the trend with the Ford Ranger topping the charts for the most searched vehicle. 


The top 10 most popular vehicles on Trade Me in September 

  1. Toyota Hilux - 228,000 searches

  2. Toyota Land Cruiser - 158,000 searches

  3. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution- 113,000 searches

  4. Ford Ranger - 98,000 searches

  5. Toyota Corolla - 96,000 searches

  6. Mazda RX-7 - 83,000 searches

  7. Nissan Skyline - 79,000 searches

  8. Harley Davidson - 78,000 searches

  9. Ford Mustang - 73,000 searches

  10. Suzuki Swift - 58,000 searches


Stuff - Toyota Hilux is the most searched-for vehicle on Trade Me