The ultimate shed

The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) had an idea recently - create the ultimate shed to showcase the work of apprentices. To top it off they built it in one of Auckland's busiest shopping malls, Sylvia Park, in three weeks.

#Notyouraverageshed has a custom glass slider, full insulation, double glazing, a 46" Flatscreen TV, surround sound, Playstation, 4 burner barbie and so much more.

Basically it's a 6m x 2.9m x 2.9m palace of relaxation, all built by apprentices.

New Zealand has a lack of apprentices and they wanted to show the amazing work apprentices can go on to do in their chosen fields. 

The amazing shed (it's far too flash to call a shed surely) was listed on Trade Me with all proceeeds were going to the good people at Habitat for Humanity NZ.

Trade Me members got right into it with the winning bid hitting $29,100.

For more information on the BCITO check out their website or the NZ Herald article