The wedding built by Trade Me

Welcome to the wedding that Trade Me built for Angela and Darren! It really was just that: everything from the venue to the wedding cake, engagement ring, decorations, petals, confetti cannons, celebrant, arch, food, blackboards, MC, lights, invitations, DJ had a Trade Me connection –  none more so than the bride and groom from Kaiapoi. Here’s the winning entry from Angela:

Dear Trade Me,

My partner and I would love to enter your party competition! My man and I have been together now for 11 years and we have an 8-year-old son together. Trade Me has been a big part of our wee family over the years.

We purchased much of our son's baby gear on Trade Me. We found our family's car on Trade Me. We have found jobs on Trade Me. My partner even purchased my engagement ring on Trade Me!

Whenever we want to raise some money to do something special as a family we gather together our unwanted items and list them on Trade Me. Next month we will be celebrating two years since the purchase of our first home, which we found through a private sale listing on Trade Me!

In our relationship, my partner and I seem to have done things in reverse. We had a child, got engaged then bought a home. The one thing we haven't managed to do yet is get married! My partner works hard to provide for our family so I can be a stay at home Mum.

Being a single income family makes saving for a wedding hard. All the unexpected things life throws at you like car troubles, house problems, job losses, vet bills, and doctors’ visits eat up the savings. Add to that the earthquakes, which disrupted us a lot, and a wedding has been at the bottom of our priorities list. We’ve had a health scare recently and this has made us rethink our priorities. We would really love to be husband and wife.

With our funds being low, we have been discussing getting hitched at a registry office just to make things official. Then I saw your competition for celebrating a life moment. After how much Trade Me has already been a part of our lives, it would be so cool for Trade Me to be part of our wedding too!

Our dream wedding is nothing too formal or fancy. Within the last couple of years I lost my Mum suddenly and my partner lost his Dad. I think it will be tough for us to get married without them there. They were a big part of our lives and are dearly missed. All the speeches, memories and formalities would be too hard. Something a bit more laid back like a classic Kiwi backyard BBQ sounds more like us! A day to celebrate our relationship with our nearest and dearest. A day full of good food, fun and laughter and lots of dancing!

Thank you for reading my email and considering us for the party. We would love for Trade Me to be part of our special day if you will have us!

Ange’s entry was actually the very last entry that came through to us after we asked our community to tell us about a life moment they thought was worthy of a Trade Me-flavoured celebration.

We promised to throw a party for the best nomination, fueled by Trade Me purchases. And oh boy those entries came through thick and fast – via email, via Facebook, via Twitter, via snail mail, via our staff. Thousands and thousands of entries rained down!

A&D's Wedding -8981

We’ve been here for Kiwis when they’ve needed us since 1999. Here through all those life moments: the special and mundane, the firsts and the lasts, the big and the little, and all the in-betweens too. We wanted to celebrate with a bang - in this case a bang from a  confetti cannon.

We were stoked to find a life moment worth celebrating – a really big moment – that felt so good to make happen. That’s how our Community team ended up with Darren and Ange tying the knot in a backyard under the Christchurch sun.

A&D's Wedding -9322

Some thank yous

We wanted to say a few thank yous. A lot of thank yous, actually.

Thank you to the friends, family, whānau who made it to the wedding on the day.

Thank you to to all the folks behind the scenes who have helped make this day happen. That includes Miss Lily (the food maestro, and so much more). That includes the celebrant, Julie Lassen. That includes the brilliant team from Wrestler  who helped us make a video to share this Trade Me-inspired moment with New Zealand.

That includes the amazing musician Paige Tapara who played her own special song Confetti as Ange walked down the aisle, and then played for an hour after the ceremony – and did a lounge room cover of No Scrubs for us too.

Thank you to the bridal party – Ange’s bridesmaids and sisters, Hayley and Megan. And Darren’s groomsmen Ollie (aged 8) and Mike. An extra thank you to Ollie for staying cool when Mum and Dad kissed at the end of the ceremony too.

A&D's Wedding -8931

Thank you to the Trade Me team who made this thing happen. We could have outsourced this gig to an events company and all stayed in Wellington but that’s not the way we like to do things. So although this says on paper that it was a wedding organised by a company, it’s people that made it happen by pouring their hearts and souls and creativity and care into the day.

A&D's Wedding -8671

And finally, a thank you to Angela and Darren. It’s quite something to let a bunch of random people rustle up one of the most special days in your life. So thank you for entering, thank you for letting Trade Me be part of some of your life’s biggest moments, and thanks for being whatever the opposite of Bridezilla and Groomzilla are. You’re legends, and great New Zealanders.