The weird and wonderful world of Trade Me

Over the years we’ve seen some pretty weird and wonderful auctions come onsite. 

We spoke to the folk at about some of our creepier auctions recently and their readers voted an amputated leg as their creepiest auction. What do you reckon?

Here’s our take on some of the stranger auctions that have emerged onsite over the last few years.

1. Frozen amputated leg
A member had his leg amputated below the knee  and decided to sell it on Trade Me to help his family out.

While the leg had been kept in good condition in his freezer for 12 months this wasn’t an auction that was able to get past go. Selling body parts on Trade Me is banned so the listing was removed.

2. Dog’s testicles
A fresh pair of dog’s testicles were described as the gift for "that someone who has everything" when they were listed.

Other suggestions from the seller included using the unusual listing as a conversation starter, a gentle reminder to the man in your life to behave, or as earrings.

We were assured these testicles were removed humanely by a vet as part of a neutering operation, and the auction was allowed to continue. Funnily enough, no one was too keen on owning a pair of dog's bollocks and the auction failed to sell, despite the bargain $1200 price tag the seller was offering.

3. One gallstone

Sold as a ‘rarity’, the 2x1cm gall stone was listed and described as looking like a ‘mini football’.

The owner priced it at a $25,000 due to the pain factor of "creating and passing" it which they rated as 9.9/10.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), this didn’t sell in the end.

4. Freshly cut toenails
Naturally, selling cut toenails on Trade Me caught the eye of our members. It’s fair to say they didn’t think it was very cool, despite some of the nails even having fresh nail polish applied!

This auction wasn't very popular with our community and you can’t sell human body parts on Trade Me, so this auction was taken down.

5. Bed sheets used by Natalia Kills and Willy Moon
After a night in Rotorua the sheets of the former NZ X-Factor judges appeared onsite, sparking a lot of interesting media coverage and a little bit of outrage.

It was a strange one for us, the sheets were pretty much clean so we didn’t remove the auction straight away, and waited to see what our community had to say.

After a lot of attention from both members and the media, the seller saw the error of their ways, removed the auction, and apologised.

6. Winky’s junk
Winky the cat had been neutered 10 years prior to this auction, but while clearing out the cupboard, his enterprising owner decided to cash in on his pet’s testicles. Describing them as preserved to "maintain full potency" he went on to say they "may be the answer to your fertility woes".

Winky’s bits received a lot of attention and heaps of views but only managed to raise $2 for his owner’s bank account.

There were just a few listings we had in our memory banks if you can remember something even weirder we’d love to hear. Drop us a line anytime.