Touch gloves: Boxing with IT Heavy Hitters

It takes a fair whack of courage to step into a ring with the aim of pummelling another into submission, knowing it’s either you or your opponent that will walk away the victor. But that’s the sport of boxing, and is exactly what a pool of regular office workers from Wellington have committed to training for in a bid to raise funds for the Key to Life Charitable Trust. And, according to the fighters on the cusp of taking the ring for their first fight, it’s an extremely rewarding journey.

IT Heavy Hitters is a Wellington-based boxing event where amateur fighters, who in their real lives spend their days flipping through office papers than skipping rope, test their mettle over three rounds for charity. At Trade Me we’ve been proud to see a bunch of our staff step up and into the ring over the event’s three-year history.

This year is no different with two of our staffers donning headgear, gloves, custom fighter names and stepping through the ring ropes. This year, Rachel (Trust & Safety) and Billie (Trade Me Jobs) were selected to represent Trade Me and the Blue team on May 7, and we wish them the best as they kick into the final throes of preparation.

Head here to purchase tickets, and here for more information on the Key to Life Charitable Trust.