Trade Me’s billionth listing

After almost 17 years, Trade Me members will have created enough listings to surpass one billion - or 1,000,000,000. That's a lot of zeroes!

To mark this milestone in true Trade Me fashion we decided to auction off the billionth listing to one of them. The winner was our member 'junkstyle' who is sure to have something pretty cool up their sleeves for the billionth listing. 

The success fees from the winning bid were split between our friends at Kiwis for kiwi and Plunket and junkstyle will get to list their item as listing 1,000,000,000.

In the last 16 years we've seen everything from the handbag that Tana Umaga allegedly hit Chris Masoe with at a pub in Christchurch, to a scary washing machine and a possessed printer. Here's a journey through time to remember a handful of the milestone (and memorable) listings from Trade Me history created by you, our members. 

Thank you for such a wild ride. We look forward to celebrating listing 2 billion with you in the future!

Story did a cool piece on listing 1,000,000,000.

We also sent the below release to media around the country with a few more details.

Trade Me to hit its billionth listing

Trade Me will soon celebrate its billionth listing for sale, almost 17 years after the business was created.

Trade Me CEO Jon Macdonald said the milestone listing is anticipated to arrive in early December. “We’ve seen our fair share of quirky, crazy and wonderful listings that have brought us this far, and we marvel every day at the eclectic range of things our members punt up for sale. The team here are pretty excited to reach a billion listings and we have a couple of things planned to help mark the occasion.”

Mr Macdonald said that Trade Me members can bid for the opportunity to be the seller of the billionth listing, with the funds raised being donated to charity. “We’re also running a competition to guess when people reckon the billionth listing will land. We’re currently around listing 987 million, so we’re anticipating the odometer will tick over in the next couple of weeks.”

Trade Me was founded in 1999 by Sam Morgan, who currently serves on Trade Me’s board of directors.

Fun Trade Me facts:

Most-viewed listings:

  1. Tana Umaga handbag and cellphone (2006, 1m+ views)
  2. HP Possessed Printer (2013, 800k views)
  3. Scary Washing Machine (2009, 800k views)

Most-asked questions (popular listings)

  1. Buy a tractor and get a 20 acre farm for free (2009, 2224 questions) 
  2. Scary washing machine (2009, 2101 questions) 
  3. Two captured ghosts (2010, 1707 questions)


  • First official live listing: Sam Morgan’s 21” AKAI-brand TV. Bidding started at $200. 
  • First on Trade Me Motors: Subaru Impreza Sedan 1992 (2003)
  • First residential property on Trade Me Property: A house worth $250k in Mission Bay (2005)
  • First job on Trade Me Jobs: Earthmoving mechanic in East Tamaki (2006)

Millionth milestones

  • Millionth bid placed according to our records: 5 Feb 2005 on a replica Air Force jump smock
  • Millionth member: Sue from Napier (who hasn’t logged in since joining) on 19 April 2005
  • Millionth question placed according to our records: 25 April 2005 on a bed frame and trundler

Our members

Top overall names 

  • Male: John (65,470), David (51,629), and James (41,362)
  • Female: Sarah (31,715), Lisa (19,379), and Michelle (19,109)
  • The top three surnames are Smith (24,301), Williams (12,448), Brown (11,942)
  • Most common birth year is 1980, there is a higher number of males than females
  • An average Trade Me user: a 35-year-old named John or Sarah Smith from Auckland that talks more about others than themselves (“You” used twice as much as “me” or “my” on the message boards).