Trade Me fairies on tour

In our newsletter a few months ago, we said we’d send some Trade Me fairies out to someone who needed a hand listing their stuff.

Felicia from Wallacetown blew us away with her entry, rewriting the entire Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap with why she needed our help.

We jumped on a plane and headed down to Invercargill to meet Felicia and help her list her incredible collection of things.

Felicia’s Trade Me fairies rap

Now, this is a story all about how
Our life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you why you should send your Trade Me Fairies down here!

In east Invercargill born and raised
In the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out designin' collectin’ all cool
Moved to Wallacetown 20-13 with my fool
When some bucket headed guys who were up to some good
Started advertising in my neighbourhood
I got one little idea, to which my boyfriend I aired
He said 'now’s your chance to have a clean-out, grow a pair!'

Trade Me Fairies please! would make our day
So pack their suitcases and send them on their way
Work with us and we could be your golden ticket.
We need your help! Our letter they say “you pick it!”

First class, yo Trade Me’s rad
Pullin’ creative rabbits outta their big black hat
Is this what magicians of Trade Me living like?
Hmmmmm this will be alright!

I’ve purchased through Trade Me before
To get parcels delivered to my door
I look forward to Trade Me Fairies helping us for a few days,
To get all this stuff out of our way!

In 2013 we moved into the family home
It’s stuck in the sixties but man, we never moan!
A blank canvas to move into would’ve been easy,
But getting rid of everything sure hasn’t been a breezy!

We’ve given a lot away and some of that was easy,
But with Trade Me Fairies, selling the rest will be a breezy!

We’ve got plenty of glass for those who want a tipple or two,
and electric blankets galore, hey!, one side is blue.

We’ve got left handed guitars,
and old school jars,
An old owl who doesn’t hoot,
and kitchen appliances to boot!

When it comes to computer chairs,
They said “I think we need two, dear!”
There’s even a collection of spoons,
Throughout the world they were strewn.

Our spare room is our garage,
Car parts threatening to break the door in a barrage.
We have pieces of NZ Fisher & Paykel history,
and this old fibre optic mystery!

As you can see,
How fantastic it would be,
But please don’t throw any shade,
For if you grant us this wish our days would be made.

We’d love to clear out our house and make some cash,
To build ourselves a shed in which our cars we could stash.