Trade Me for Apple Watch

Trade Me turned 20 years young this March, but the Trade Me for iOS app has only been around for nine of these years. From starting as a simple extension of the website, the iOS app has grown into a fully mature Trade Me experience. We’re now completing the experience by giving the iOS app a companion: Trade Me for Apple Watch.

Over the last couple of years we’ve noticed that more and more of our members have started wearing Apple Watch devices. So much so, that nowadays we see more Apple Watch owners who use Trade Me than there were iPhone owners back when we first started our native app journey!

The Watch app is built for the Trade Me member who doesn’t have time to muck about. After considering the expectations of the Apple Watch owners, and after looking into how people use their wearable devices, we concluded that our app must be:

  • Timely – it must always show up to date information.
  • Personal  – it must not show any irrelevant content.
  • Quick  – any task should be able to be completed within seconds of raising the wrist.

To get the Apple Watch app, check that you have the latest version of our iOS app, a compatible Apple Watch (we support all but the very first generation), and the latest watchOS version. (If you have Automatic App Install turned on, the Watch app will automatically become available on your watch).