Trade Me launches fresh food boxes

Trade Me has today announced it is working with a number of local suppliers to sell fresh grocery boxes on the site. 

Head of Trade Me Marketplace Lisa Stewart said selling fresh food boxes onsite was a first for the company. “We are thrilled to be partnering with a number of great local producers to help Kiwis access fresh, quality produce all year round.

“There are a variety of options to suit everyone. From quality fruit and vegetables, to organic meat, or even baked treats, our suppliers will make sure that these items get delivered safely to your door.” 

Ms Stewart said the company wanted to help small businesses who had been hit hard by the recent COVID-19 restrictions. “Connecting our customers with small businesses and helping Kiwis get the things they want or need is a priority for us as we move into lower alert levels. That’s why we have an offer available for any produce sellers who want to start selling with us to help these businesses get started.”

Currently, Hyper Meat, Paddock to Pantry, Celebration Box, Clarkes and Eat my Lunch are all available onsite now and Ms Stewart said they wanted to add other produce suppliers.

Celebration Box

Founder of Eat My Lunch, Lisa King said, “Trade Me has always been a great supporter of Eat My Lunch and we’re really excited to be part of their new offering. It’s another way that Kiwis can get fresh groceries delivered to their homes and also help give more lunches to kids in need as food insecurity becomes an even bigger issue.”

Kiwis can purchase fresh produce from today.