Trade Me reveals new vehicle safety rating search filter

Trade Me announced today that it has launched a new search filter that allows Kiwis to search for vehicles by safety rating. 

Safety ratings indicate the likely performance of a vehicle in a crash, from 1 to 5-stars. 

Trade Me Head of Motors, Alan Clark said the company has worked closely with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to help Kiwis stay safe on our roads.  

“The safety of our members has always been a priority for Trade Me which is why we’re stoked to have done this great piece of work with Waka Kotahi

Trade Me Safety Rating Search - Image 1

“We hope that this new feature will allow Kiwis to make safety conscious decisions when purchasing their next vehicle.”

“Increased visibility on Trade Me is a huge win for our Safe Vehicles programme and a great step to ensuring people think about safety when they are purchasing a vehicle,” said Fabian Marsh, Waka Kotahi Senior Manager Road Safety. 

Mr Clark said the company looked forward to seeing how Kiwis interact with this tool and how they might be able to iterate on it in the future.

The safety ratings on Trade Me are compiled by the Waka Kotahi and published on the Rightcar website, which will show the current rating (ANCAP, UCSR or VSRR*) for each make and model of vehicle.


The new safety rating search filter is available now on Trade Me mobile apps and at on desktop