Trade Me listings of the year

Every year we see millions of items pop up on Trade Me but it’s the weird and the wonderful listings that take out our top Trade Me listings of the year.

We are always amazed at the things Kiwis have hiding away in their garages and in 2017 we saw some great listings so here is a list of the top 10, plus a few honourable mentions.

Listing Sale Price
McDonald’s playground set $11,500
Ring for a ute $2,820
TJ’s All Blacks jersey $3,220
2.4 metre Helen Clark portrait $1,804
Silverdale spaceship $22,360
The Spoat The ‘Spoat’ didn’t find the right home
One year supply of Whittakers chocolate $505
A Lions try $42
Lunch with Hayley Holt to save Radio NZ $815
Super Ginge by Ed Sheeran $10,000

The most viewed listing on Trade Me for 2017 was a retro McDonald's playground set which came with a Hamburglar dual swing set, Mayor McCheese roundabout and a Chief Big Mac climber jail. The listing seemed to bring back both happy memories and unfortunate incidents for many Kiwi kids of the 80s and 90s. The auction had over 115,000 views before the playground items found their new home at a campground in Twizel.

Another listing which received plenty of attention was an engagement ring which was listed by a guy in Christchurch whose girlfriend rejected his proposal so he decided he would sell the ring and use the money to buy himself a new ute. In his words: "I've been working flat out like a lizard drinking to sell this so I can buy a ute and do cool stuff in it like hunting and burnouts. I know I can trust the ute to love me unconditionally."

One resourceful Kiwi was trawling through the local dump when they came across a 2.4m high portrait of Helen Clark so they decided to put it up for auction. Helen herself heard about the listing and suggested the proceeds go to Women’s Refuge. The auction went for $1,840 and all funds went to the charity Helen suggested.

Kiwis do love their DIY and one guy from Bulls created the first New Zealand spa boat or ‘Spoat’ complete with sound system and light show.

Ed Sheeran’s doodle titled ‘Super Ginge’ raised $10,000 for the Child Cancer Foundation earlier in the year and a spaceship even popped up on Trade Me in May which was a bit out of this world.

Some other honourable mentions include the Lancaster Park stadium seats, a pile of cigarette ash, a water colour portrait of Bill English and Molly Malones toucan bird.