Trade Me named one of New Zealand's most loved brands

We are stoked to have been named one of New Zealand’s most loved brands by the annual Colmar Brunton survey.

1,000 fellow Kiwis took part in the online survey which identified what brands New Zealanders love the most and why.

The top three qualities of the leading brands were ‘being kiwi’, along with ‘well-known’ and ‘great value for money’ according to the Colmar Brunton survey.

The mighty All Blacks and Whittaker’s were tied in first place, followed by Air New Zealand who came in third. We moved up from our 2016 ranking at 10th place to secure 6th equal, tied with good-old Watties and Pineapple Lumps.

Thanks New Zealand, we love you too.

NZ's most loved brands

1. Whittaker's and All Blacks

3. Air New Zealand

4. Tip Top

5. Edmonds

6.  Trade Me, Wattie's and Pineapple Lumps

9. New World

10. Mainland

11. The Warehouse and Cadbury

13. L&P and AA

15. Pak 'n Save and Mitre10

17. The Silver Ferns and Fisher & Paykel

19. Briscoes and Marmite


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