Trade Me predicts The Block NZ winner for 2018

Listen up Blockaholics, for the last two years we have successfully predicted who will win The Block NZ and this year we reckon we know who will wear the crown. 

Check out our media release below for more.  

Media Release

Trade Me predicts Claire and Agni to win the 2018 Block NZ

After successfully predicting the winner of The Block NZ a number of times over the years, Trade Me is taking another punt on who will take home the top spot in 2018’s version of the popular renovation show.

Trade Me’s Millie Silvester said the Trade Me formula was pretty simple, thanks to the data they see onsite. “Over the years, we’ve found that the view ranking of the houses on Trade Me Property doesn’t translate to a win on the show itself. Surprisingly, the listing with the most views never wins, in fact, it’s the third most-viewed property that usually wins out on auction day.

Last year we predicted Andy and Nate would take the cake and after a tense auction process the boys came through.

“Now that the listings have been up for about a week, we’re picking Claire and Agni to win season seven of The Block NZ. So far their listing has already had over 21,420 views since being listed on Trade Me Property last Monday.

Claire And Agni

“While Claire and Agni have seen a lot of views, they’re third so far behind Amy and Stu (27,800 views) and Tom and Ben (27,066) which is why we’re picking them for the win at the live auctions on 30 September.”

Miss Silvester said that while this formula is not bulletproof, it has been extremely consistent.

“We know Claire and Agni haven’t won the most rooms or wowed the judges as much as the others but we’re sticking with our numbers on this one.

“Of course there are a lot of other factors apart from views that makes a house a winner, including its location, presentation, features and the hard work from their real estate agent behind the scenes to market the house and find that buyer who just has to have it.

“We’re sure the team from Ray White will be hunting as many highly motivated buyers as possible.”

Pete and Andy’s house from season two of The Block NZ still holds the crown for the show’s most viewed property on Trade Me with over 150,000 views, but still finished third on auction day.