Trade Me Property listings of the year

A boarding school, a mansion fit for a rockstar and KFC in Porirua were among the top 10 most viewed Trade Me Property listings of 2018.

Kiwis love to check out the bizarre and beautiful homes, baches and buildings that are hiding around the country and just when you think you’ve seen it all, another one pops up.

Turakina Maori Girls' College in Whanganui was the most viewed property of the year after the listing had 81,000 views. The five-hectare campus in Rangitīkei went up onsite after the school closed in January 2016. 

#1 Turakina Girls ' College

The second most popular property of 2018 was fit for a rockstar. The waterfront mansion in Tauranga which is currently owned by Phil Rudd from the legendary rock band AC/DC received over 79,400 views. The 586sq metre house with six bedrooms and four living areas has an RV of just over $4,000,000 and is still looking for a new owner

#2 ACDC House

A wicked listing caught the attention of many New Zealanders when KFC Porirua went up for sale in March. With 61,000 views it seems there were a few finger-licking Kiwis who dreamed of owning the business. 

A particular favourite of ours was once home to Kate Sheppard. The four-bedroom 1880’s heritage villa was listed just in time for the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand and has had 67,400 views (and counting). The listing is still onsite.

#4 Kate Sheppard House

An old ruins site that used to be home to St Bathans school in Otago also made the list, fetching over 65,000 views, along with an iconic waterfront castle in Wellington designed by Sir Ian Athfield which had 56,000 views.

#10 Castle By The Sea

The top 10 most viewed Trade Me Property listings of 2018

1. Turakina Maori Girls' College - 81,000 views

2. Tauranga mansion owned by AC/DC rockstar - 79,000 views

3. A bright and bold work of art in Auckland - 71,000 views

4. Kate Sheppard's house in Canterbury - 67,000 views

5. NZ House of the Year 2016 - 67,000 views

6. Mortgagee sale - the house no one can enter - 66,000 views

7. St Bathans old school ruins - 65,000 views

8. 1914 farmhouse and three-acres in Papatoetoe - 62,000 views

9. KFC Porirua - 61,000 views

10. Castle by the sea in Eastbourne - 56,000 views