Trade Me's most viewed and crazy auctions of 2015

Millions of items were sold on Trade Me this year including New Zealand flags, infamous book Into the River and Lewis Road Creamery’s new flavours, but it was a pack of particularly quirky listings that ended up as our most viewed auctions of the year.

Number one was a late entry listed after Christmas by a bloke in Ashburton, who decided to have a laugh about unwanted gifts and put a $100 note up for sale. It came out of nowhere to land our most viewed auction of the year spot.

Second place was taken out by an exasperated mother who was sick of Countdown collectable cards – with a little bleeped out swearing and some interesting banter in the Q&A she got a lot of Trade Me members very interested.

This was followed by an amphibious Subaru, a seat on a couch in Lower Hutt for the Super Rugby final, a load of Warriors jerseys, and many other varied and wonderful things.

The 'honourable mentions' list section features auctions that made the Trade Me team and our members laugh throughout the year. This year's entrants include a crochet wizard called Gypsy from Northland, our billionth listing and an ex-lover's present.

Our most viewed and honourable mentions listings stood out from the crowd because they were either really quirky or jumped on a current event and sold something with a twist (like a seat on a couch in Lower Hutt), their sellers wrote a killer description and kept up with the Q&A interaction, or all of the above. Buyers came to the party too, often paying far more than the item's face value as they were swept up in the excitement.

Congratulations to all our sellers who enchanted the Trade Me community in 2015. 

The top 10 most viewed items on Trade Me this year:

Title Region
Unwanted gift, 100 dollars, cash Canterbury
Millions of bloody awful f*cking Countdown cards Wellington
Subaru Impreza amphibious 2015 Auckland

Super Rugby Final Tickets

For a seat on Kent's couch

Grumpy Warriors fan's jerseys West Coast
Drawing of Jerry Collins all money to go to family Hawke's Bay
Eagles Ticket plus a date Bay of Plenty
Charity auction: NZ's most famous pants Wellington
Whole school playground Auckland
Minion letter box Bay of Plenty

Trade Me's 2015 'Honourable mentions'

Title Region
Crocheted Sushi Northland

Hurricanes Final Tickets

Tickets to the game and a date

Drive 2 Beer Lazy Chair Timaru
Life size paper mache baby elephant Bay of Plenty
Billionth listing Nelson
Jacket with unknown pocket contents Auckland
Iconic Auckland sign - The Pleasure Chest Auckland
Selling ex cheating boyfriend gift Wellington
The Papamoa log Bay of Plenty
One of a kind - denim jeans sandals Waikato