Trade Me's new logo

We’re stoked to unveil our new logo today.

It’s been a little while since we last updated our logo, 16 years in fact. A lot can happen in 16 years and a lot can change – for example we didn’t do property, jobs or motors listings back then. In 2000, Trade Me was a one-year-old start up, working out its place in the Kiwi ecommerce world.

Our brand has grown in a pretty organic way since Sam Morgan founded the company in 1999, and we’ve recently done a bunch of work to better understand how we’re perceived. We wanted to develop our brand, make it more consistent, and make sure we’re protecting and nurturing it as best we can.

This wasn’t something done on a whim either. We talked to members, customers and staff which taught us a lot about our brand and the way we’re perceived by Kiwis. Now it’s time to start putting some of the findings into action.

One element was reconsidering how our logo represents us. As you can see, the new edition keeps Kevin the blue kiwi at centre stage. We love Kev, he’s an important part of our history and our future.

Kevin emerged from the pen of Trade Me staffer Nigel Stanford all those years ago, and was named by another staffer, Rowan Simpson. Trade Me members noticed the file name for the logo was “kevin.gif” – and Kevin was born.

Using a kiwi to represent us as a business was a natural fit. They’re curious and constantly searching creatures, who are enthusiastic, genuine and inventive. Characteristics that we aspire to every day.

Like us, Kev has grown up over the last 16 years. We felt he needed to evolve to better reflect the contemporary Trade Me and where we’re headed next.

Trade Me _Kevins

You’ll start to see the suite of new logos live on Trade Me from today. There will be a few places that will take us a little longer to update, and we’ll crack on with getting those tidied up over the coming weeks.

It’s important to note that a new logo is not the only change we’ve got planned, so keep an eye out for some subtle visual changes on Trade Me over the next year too.

Thanks for being part of the Trade Me family!