Tramps, e-bikes and iPhone Xs for Kiwis this Christmas

Kiwis are going to be jumping on trampolines, riding e-bikes, playing PS4 and taking selfies on their iPhone X on Christmas morning, according to the top searches on Trade Me in the last seven days.

Trade Me’s Millie Silvester said the most popular searches and purchases on the site over the last week provided a pretty good idea of what presents would be making Kiwis smile on the 25th.

“In the last seven days, Kiwis have purchased over 300,000 items on Trade Me Marketplace with just eleven sleeps to go until the big day.

“We’ve seen 48,000 searches for bikes in the last week, almost 30,000 searches for trampolines and 20,100 hits for PS4, which are all set to to be popular presents this year.”

Miss Silvester said bikes came in as the second most-searched item onsite with 29,500 searches along with another 18,870 hits for e-bike.

“Electric bikes have made huge inroads in New Zealand and they’ve transformed the way many Kiwis commute. We’ve seen a growing number of searches and sales for e-bikes, and there’s currently over 2,000 onsite.

“Now that summer is here, a few of us will be unwrapping a new tent on Christmas Day. We’ve seen over 28,000 searches for tents as people get ready for summer festivals or the good old Kiwi road trip,” she said.

Miss Silvester said Lego has been a long-running favourite for Kiwis with more than 20,000 searches for the little bricks in the last week. “Lego has reinvented itself time and time again, it’s a popular item all year round on Trade Me but we see searches spike around Christmas. This year they’ve released the Harry Potter and Star Wars edition for the adult Lego lovers.

“The new Nintendo Switch is on a lot of wishlists this year too, along with iPads and iPhones,” she added.

Most popular searches on Trade Me in the last seven days

  1. Trampolines - 30,000 searches

  2. Bikes - 29,500 searches

  3. Tent - 28,000 searches

  4. PS4 - 20,196 searches

  5. Lego - 20,172 searches

  6. iPhone X - 12,900 searches

  7. E-bike - 18,870 searches

  8. Nintendo switch - 18,800 searches

  9. iPad - 11,700 searches

  10. iPhone 7 - 9,400 searches