Twerk of art

This morning David Seymour listed his infamous twerking outfit for auction to raise money for Kidsline

This "truly powerful" twerk suit comes with a fluro yellow singlet, head and wristbands custom sequinned by the Dancing with the Stars wardrobe team, black bike shorts, pink running shorts (with sequins), calf-high athletic socks and sparkly silver sneakers. 

The outfit apparently "allows the flexibility of movement that a true twerk requires."


But that's not all. "If the winning bid is sufficiently generous, the winner may receive personal twerking lessons," says the listing description.

In the end, the auction had received over 33,500 views with heaps of Kiwis and the media talking about the auction. 

David raised $1,230 for Kidsline when the auction closed on Sunday 1 July. 


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