Handy wallet-sized "idiot" warning signs

We love it when our members jump on something topical and have a sense of humour. This week we saw just that after a man snapped the famous Len Lye sculpture worth $300,000 on the Wellington waterfront by swinging on it. 

A Hamilton member heard about the news and decided to create some handy wallet-sized "idiot" warning signs "suitable for bored public gymnasts."

The tongue-in-cheek discription says,"are you the sort of happy-go-lucky punter who likes a bit of an audience and will give anything a go? When you're bored do you find yourself performing public gymnastics?"


The seller also promises to solve all the buyer's troubles, excluding "possible criminal and financial charges resulting from any freestyle climbing you may have recently attempted on the Wellington waterfront."

"Even better, it fits in your wallet - so long as you haven't lost your wallet in the ocean."

Idiot 2

In less than 24 hours the listing had 7,800 views and 63 watch lists. 

We can't remember seeing a wallet-sized idiot warning sign onsite before but we reckon these little cards might come in handy for a cheeky secret Santa gift this year. We wish the seller all the best with their listing. 


NZ Herald - Wellington sculpture damage inspires auction for 'idiot signs'