War medal miracle

We hear some pretty remarkable stories here, but this one is something else. 

A couple of weeks ago, a 81-year-old Vietnam veteran by the name of Bill contacted our Trust & Safety team about some war medals he’d seen on-site. These medals were his – pretty confusing, as to his knowledge those medals were with his uniform in his wardrobe. 

As it turns out, several years back Bill took his uniform to be mounted for presentation, where his medals had been cloned and then swapped for the fakes. Bill was rather upset and desperate to get his medals back. 


Our Trust & Safety Team Leader Catherine contacted the seller to explain the situation, and the member (who’d legitimately purchased the medals) was adamant that Bill had to have them back – sending them home straight away. As if that wasn’t enough, they also worked out that the seller had served with Bill’s son a couple of years ago. Teeny-tiny world. 

Bill was absolutely chuffed, feeling like part of him had been returned. Being an absolute gentleman, he contacted Catherine to ask where to send some thank-you flowers. She insisted that it wasn’t necessary, she was just happy to have helped, to which he replied ‘are you really going to argue with a sergeant, young lady?’, What a legend. 

Catherine Greene