Waterfront wifi is where it's at

We know that staying connected (and under that data cap) is important to Kiwis. That's why we've offered free Wellington waterfront wifi for the last 5 years.

It's clear to us that Wellingtonians (and tourists) are more into using their devices than ever before, we’ve seen sessions on the Wifi more than double from 142,000 in FY15 (July 14 – June 15) to nearly 300,000 in FY16!

That's a lot of wifi. The good weather Wellington has seen in the last year – and the longest, hottest summer most of us can recall - has probably helped. 

We also suspect that Pokemon Go has played its part. Over the last month we've seen some huge spikes in traffic not long after the mega popular app was release. On Wednesday July 13 we saw the most data used in a day by quite some way (approximately 60GB). On the same day the average usage time of the users surged to approximately 1 hour, about 25 minutes longer than any other day this month.

The lure of the Pocket Monsters was clearly keeping people glued to their phone around the waterfront.

So if you're around Te Papa soon - check out the Wifi and stay connected with us.