We have a #kiwiemoji design winner!

Last month we announced that we’re going to petition the Unicode Consortium to get a kiwi bird added to the emoji keyboard and we called for Kiwis to submit their kiwi emoji designs.

A panel of three representatives from the design, social media, and conservation communities gathered to discuss and evaluate the submissions. The judging criteria included being recognisably a Kiwi, it had to fit within the existing Animals & Nature section of the emoji keyboard, have the ability to translate to various operating systems, and be legible when the size of an emoji.

After trawling through over 60 designs and examining every little detail, we're pleased to announce that we have a winner.

Wellington-based designer Michael Javier created the winning submission below which we will be adding to our proposal and sending to the Unicode Consortium today.

       Kiwi Emoji _Coloured _Michael Javier

Check out some of Michael’s other creations on Instagram.

There were a number of notable, eye-catching and creative entries, some of which you can see below – thank you to everyone who entered!

Stay tuned for more developments.