New Zealand's first Prayer Ambulance

We love hearing about how our members repurpose different things that they buy on-site and this week we heard a story that was too good not to share. 

Richard from Wellington was scrolling through Trade Me one day when he came across a 1984 Bedford ambulance and he had an idea.

As part of the Anglican Diocese of Wellington, he wanted to take prayer to the people and help Kiwis who might be put off by a traditional church. So, he purchased the ambulance and made it in to New Zealand's first ever mobile prayer unit. 


As a keen fixer-upper, Richard kitted out the ambulance with couches, fixed a leaking roof, tended to a little rust, added some books and the Prayer Ambulance was born.


In an interview with Newshub he said, "I think there's a certain beauty in having an ambulance, which was used to heal bodies and heal the sick, and transferring that to something that's used to heal people's souls."

Prayer Ambul

The Prayer Ambulance is now up and running and can be borrowed by anyone (though you will need to cover fuel costs). It's already been booked to park up at the university during exam time so students can centre themselves before sit their exams.

When it's not being used by locals, it travels around the Wellington region encouraging people to give prayer a go. 

You can donate money to help cover the costs of this project via this Pledge Me page or to enquiry about booking the ambulance please email


Newshub - Prayer Ambulance: Wellington church's innovative way to get Kiwis to try prayer