A 1955 McDonald's bag is onsite and we're lovin' it

A McDonald's paper bag from the 1950s is up for auction and it's fair to say our members are lovin' it. 

The 60-year-old bag contained a burger and fries back in 1955 - the year McDonald's was founded.

The bag is in pretty good condition for it's age, even though the original bags were white, it seems to have turned brown with age.

Mc Donald 's Bags

According to the listing, this piece of history has been passed down from generation to generation, but the current owner reckons someone else might appreciate it more. 

Kiwis are clearly lovin' this auction just as much as us because the listing has already had 22,700 views in just 24 hours!

Almost 240 have added it to their watchlist too and the bidding has reached $213.50.