What it's like to work at Trade Me

Ever wondered what it's like to work at Trade Me?

Two of our 2017 Summer of Tech and Summer of Biz interns, Thomas and Helena, share their experiences, highlights and challenges working at Trade Me over the summer. 

Thomas Fuge - Central Marketing - Developer


Going into the final legs of the Summer of Tech selection process, my number 1 pick was Trade Me and I was really hoping I could get a job here. The main reason for this was the people. At the Summer of Tech Hackfest, my team's mentor a Trade Me developer who was one of the nicest and most helpful guys I had ever met. Then, at the Summer of Tech Meet & Greet, I had about a 20 minute conversation with the CEO of Trade Me, and one of the easiest people to talk to I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. From this point I knew Trade Me was my number 1 pick. Trade Me was one of the biggest companies there, and yet none of the others had a CEO bothered to show up. The people all seemed awesome and the culture surrounding the company couldn't be more alluring. I knew I would love working at Trade Me.

Starting at Trade Me, I couldn't be more right. The people here are as awesome as I had hoped, with friendly personalities and everyone is both extremely helpful and competent to boot. My mentor took me around to make sure I was familiar with the office space, and he was very friendly and helpful. My first couple of days were mostly just meetings and setting up my machine, but that was enjoyable all the same thanks to the people surrounding me. I went out to a welcoming lunch with my team on day 3 and I felt very welcome.

In the second half of my first week, I started going through cases with my team's delivery lead. The cases we went through were mostly just minor bug fixes but it did a great job of familiarizing me with the large code base and Mark was incredibly helpful. Since then, I have come a long way and have developed a heap of cases on my own.

I have really enjoyed my time here so far. From dressing as a minion along with the rest of my team for a full day offsite to serious work all day, I'm always enjoying myself and learning a lot because there are so many fun people around to help. I hope to work here as a full time job after I leave university.

Helena Holtslag - HR - Talent Coordinator


Since the debut of the Summer of Biz program in March 2017, I knew the program was going to be time well spent and the job prospects for Summer 17-18 were promising. But little did I know that some of the biggest and best private companies in NZ would agree to become employers and take a chance on a fresh Business graduate like me!

I met Sarah from Trade Me, who later became my manager, at the Summer of Biz (and Tech) Meet and Greet. We got chatting about a role she had opening up in Trade Me’s People (HR) Team and she ended up offering me a position in the recruitment side of HR. So far it has been filled with so many company perks, chances to explore the field I chose to study and plenty learning curves.


I have so many highlights from my time here, but so far the best bits about working here have been:

  • Getting to put together the New Starter Packs and giving them to our new employees when they have their first day here
  • Market Day – when anyone from around Trade Me could show and sell their stuff
  • Sitting with one of our customer service pro’s in action during my CS Fusion training. This inspired me to become more solutions focussed, speeding up my problem solving and more caring over the phone with my “clients”, our candidates.
  • Making use of the slides almost daily to get from floor to floor super quickly
  • Revisiting my barista days and whipping up a free coffee every day
  • Being able to bring my succulents to live on my desk

My super supportive team. Getting use to a full-time work routine and taking on a new workload hasn’t been easy. But I know for sure that if I have any questions or am struggling with a task, I have people around me who genuinely care and want to help me.

Summer is an amazing time to be at Trade Me! We’ve been away on our team HR Christmas party, had a Christmas lunch with a performance from a band and choir made up of staff and our company Christmas party “Goodtimes”. We also go along to our all company conference called Unconference. There we got to hear about many different departments and topics that staff here are passionate about – from brewing to how to say sorry. More specifically, I’m here while so much awesome change is happening around me. The exec team and some members of my team have just finished revising Trade Me’s values and my manager is orchestrating a review of the whole recruitment process. I get to be a part of that and I can’t wait to see what the changes are that we get to implement.

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