Who will be knocking at your door this Halloween?

Kiwis are getting ready to scare and we've seen 68,000 searches in the last two weeks for Halloween items onsite from pumpkins to fake blood and even cookie cutters as New Zealanders get ready for All Hallows' Eve

Interest in this traditionally American celebration is growing every year as Kiwis enjoy more Halloween parties and gathering up lollies from their neighbours.

Costumes are popular on Trade Me all year round but we see a huge spike in interest at Halloween.

The faint hearted will be pleased to know it won't be all scary this Halloween. This year's most popular costume theme is pretty radical, we've seen 4,200 searches for '80s costume' just last week.

80s Costume

Some Kiwis like to be on trend with their Halloween outfits. In previous years superheroes and villains like Pennywise, Batman and Spiderman have been very popular when the films have been out and about

Thanks to the recently released thriller, New Zealanders can expect to see the Joker knocking at their door on Halloween after almost 2,000 searches for the super villain in the last seven days, making it the second most searched for costume onsite.

Joker Costume

Pirates, witches and Harry Potter costumes were also among the top five most popular costumes, each fetching around 1,200 searches last week.

Harry Potter

We've also seen a flurry of spooky listings appear onsite in the lead up to the big night. A creepy collection of skulls is up for auction along with a set of 'vintage dentures'.

If you're looking for something a bit different this Halloween there's a man eating shark costume, an inflatable bath tub outfit, or you could dress up as Donald Trump.

Inflatable Bath Tub Costume


NZ Herald - Trade Me reveals the most popular costumes this Halloween