"Who you gonna call?"

A ‘friendly’ ghost has caused quite the stir for a Trade Me seller in Christchurch this week after appearing in an image of a mirror he listed for auction.

Whether you believe in poltergeists or not, there is no denying there is something interesting going on in the picture below.


The listing hasn’t spooked too many Kiwis, receiving more than 12,000 views and 44 comments giving the seller advice on what to do about his new friend, Casper.

Some commenters believe the ghost may have been photoshopped in and isn’t the real deal. We’re not ghost experts so we can’t wade in. The important thing to us is making sure that our buyers aren’t deceived when buying something.

We’ve got a sense of humour - we love it when our members use their imaginations to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary with a classy description and some funky pics.

It is still unclear whether the ghost comes with the mirror or not but either way, we wish the member and their ghost all the best for this auction.


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