World's tallest L&P bottle sells for $1,920

It's no surprise that we love a good bidding war, and let's face it who doesn't? This week a bidding battle broke out over an oversized 1.75L bottle of the iconic Kiwi soft drink L&P

L&P 3

How did this giant bottle of lemony goodness get here? Well it's a bit of a long story. 

"Spirits at L&P HQ were at an all-time high. Until we tried to fit our new taste description on the back of regular bottles and discovered the print was so tiny you practically needed a microscope to read it. We set about attaching miniature microscopes to bottles. After many trial and error attempts, the tough decision was made to side-line the whole miniature microscope thing and just make a taller L&P bottle instead. 

"As far as tall orders go this was pretty up there, so when the first limited edition glass bottle came off the production line spirits were once again at an all-time high. Standing at 70.5cms tall, our latest product innovation was a sight to behold. We rushed them down to the nearest dairy only to find someone had miscalculated them fitting on the fridge shelves by roughly 50.5cms. 

"Due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control, production was halted at just 10 bespoke bottles. In a journey of highs and not so highs, we prefer to remember the highs." 

L&P 2

On the upside, L&P lovers can celebrate after this rare piece of pure kiwiana was born!

After 813 watchlists and 132 bids this famous bottle of L&P sold to the highest bidder. With just minutes left of the auction, two members went head-to-head and the bidding quickly began to rise from $1,110 to finally sell for $1,920!

Even better, all of the proceeds will go to a community-run not-for-profit organisation, Positive Paeroa which promote Paeroa as a destination and supports local businesses, and community organisations. 


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