You can now shop with your camera

We just released an exciting new feature in our Trade Me mobile app today which means you can now shop with your smartphone camera. 

It's super easy to use. Just log into the app, click the camera icon in the search bar and take a photo of an item you want. 

Shop With Camera - Image 1

Our clever machine learning algorithm will then show you similar listings onsite. 

Shop With Camera - Image 2

Check out our media release below for more info. 

Trade Me unleashes ‘Shop with camera’ 

Trade Me members can shop with the cameras on their Apple and Android devices after the online marketplace released a new visual shopping feature in its apps today.

Head of Apps Nick Parfene said this new product was an exciting new development for Trade Me’s customers. “Kiwis can now snap a photo of an item they want and search for it instantly, whether it’s a pair of sunglasses, a wallet or the latest tech.

“So many interactions that Kiwis have happen through our smartphone cameras so using your camera to shop on a popular platform like Trade Me is a natural evolution.

“Each day we see 1.1 million searches on Trade Me from a mobile device and this new piece of nifty technology will make it even easier for our members to find the things they want.”

The technical stuff

Mr Parfene said the new feature uses artificial intelligence and is built into the existing Trade Me app. “Images are fed into our machine learning algorithm to produce a keyword, category and colour. Then, within a split second, the app shows similar listings onsite.

“The algorithm for ‘Shop with camera’ is going to get better and better as our customers use it. Every shot snapped helps it to learn more and more. We’ve been working a lot with machine learning over the last few years and the opportunities for making Kiwis’ online experience easier are limitless.”   

Mr Parfene said members can use this new feature in the Trade Me app now by clicking the camera icon in the search bar.

“This is just one of several new innovations we’re releasing to celebrate our 20th birthday throughout the month of March.

“We’re always trying to find new ways of making shopping on Trade Me faster and more convenient, and we think Kiwis are going to love this new innovation.”